Beyond Money: A Study of Funding Plus in the UK

This report examines different approaches to funding plus used by UK charitable foundations. In addition, the survey tries to uncover the principal benefits, challenges and risks of these approaches in order to generate practically useful learning about funding plus.

In this regard, the research found that the funding plus field comprises a broad range of definitions, purposes and activity. Within this we were able to identify five overarching preconditions for success in funding plus:

  • strong personal relationships
  • good knowledge of grantees and the sector in which they operate
  • grantees that are ready and willing for an engaged relationship with a funder
  • bespoke rather than standardised or prescriptive approaches
  • careful and responsible management of power relationships between funder and grantee


Alison Harker, Ben Cairns, Eliza Buckley, Steven Burkeman


Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR)

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