Next Gen Donors: Who Are They? From Shaping the Future of Philanthropy: Voices from Next Gen Donors

In this episode, we learn what characteristics, values, and mentality shape next generation donors, and how research was conducted to learn about this group's giving tendencies.

This podcast is part of Shaping the Future of Philanthropy: Voices from Next Gen Donors, a series in which we explore the values, motivations, and stories of the up-and-coming generation of philanthropists. This series complements research conducted by 21/64 and the Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University and our related GrantCraft analysis.

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Series Credits:
Natasha Isajlovic-Terry, Editor and Producer
Jen Bokoff, Senior Producer
Erin Nylen-Wysocki, Assistant Editor

Interviewees (in alphabetical order):
Mike Berkowitz
Sarina Dayal 
Sharna Goldseker
Katherine Lorenz
Daniel Lurie
Michael Moody
Zac Russell
Jamie Stone


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