Additional Resources: Outcome and Evaluation

Articles and Chapters

  • John Sawhill and David Williamson. “Measuring What Matters in Nonprofits.” McKinsey Quarterly 2001 (no. 2).
  • Melinda Tuan. “Cultivating a Culture of Measurement,” chapter 5 in Funding Effectiveness. Jossey-Bass, in association with Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, 2004.

Online Tools

  • B2PCommerce. B2P’s Impact Manager software tool is designed to track portfolio performance, developed in collaboration with Community Foundations of America.
  • REDF. The Social Return on Investment Collection, includes reports, cases, and updates on SROI. See also the REDF paper, “An Information OASIS,” which calls on funders to get involved in measuring social outcomes.
  • Women’s Funding Network. The network’s Making the Case utility, enables organizations to measure and document social change over time. (Available only to members.)


  • Marc T. Braverman, Norman A. Constantine, and Jana Kay Slater. Foundations and Evaluation: Contexts and Practices for Effective Philanthropy. Jossey-Bass, 2004.
  • Michael Quinn Patton. Utilization-Focused Evaluation: The New Century Text. Sage Publications, 1997.

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