Communications Resources

  1. Smart Chart by Spitfire Strategies. Available in print or online interactive editions, the Smart ChartTM is a planning tool that helps nonprofits develop high-impact communications strategies. The tool is also useful for grantmakers to develop their own program communications, and evaluate grantees’ communications strategies.

  2. Are We There Yet? A Communications Evaluation Guide by Edith Asibey for the Communications Network. The guide provides a step-by-step method for evaluating communications work, using a structure similar to that of the Smart Chart.

  3. Prenups: What Funders and Filmmakers Should Talk About Before They Tie the Knot, by Active Voice. This guide, available in online and print editions, identifies the key areas that grantmakers and filmmakers should discuss to enjoy successful working relationships.

  4. Storytelling as Best Practice, “Why Bad Ads Happen to Good Causes,” and other publications by Andy Goodman. The publications show public interest organizations how to tell stories, design print/web communications, make presentations, and develop strategy.

  5. Proving Your Worth: 10 Ways to Measure the Impact of Your Communications, by Fenton Communications. This guide for public interest groups discusses how to link communications to impact, using such measures as growth in fundraising or membership development, introducing new words into the lexicon, and more.

  6. Is Your Good Work Going Unnoticed? Seven Mistakes That Foundations and Nonprofits Make (and How to Fix Them), by Clear Thinking Communications. The paper discusses such mistakes as shying away from controversy, being afraid to look dumb, and talking your own language.

Takeaways are critical, bite-sized resources either excerpted from our guides or written by GrantCraft using the guide's research data or themes post-publication. Attribution is given if the takeaway is a quotation.

This takeaway was derived from Communicating For Impact.


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