Types of Capacity-Building Providers and Some Ways to Learn More About Them

Some funders are connected with certain circles of capacity-building providers, and others are less familiar with who provides these services. Broadly, the types of organizations that provide capacity-building assistance to nonprofits include:

  • Nonprofit consulting groups
  • Nonprofit intermediaries
  • Research institutions
  • Academic centers and schools and programs that focus on organizational development and nonprofit management and administration
  • Nonprofit associations
  • Independent consultants
  • For-profit consulting groups

If you’re seeking more information about the specific providers, one source is the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers, a freely accessible source of vetted consultants serving all types and sizes of grantmakers. Visit grantcraft.org/ discussions/capacity-providers to share links and descriptions of providers that you know, and if you are one, more about your practice.

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